Top 3 Tips on How To Stop Copying And Why Do You Need to Start Outsourcing

Why comparison can hurt your business? How to stop copying and stay original, relevant, tech-savvy and fresh with outsourcing (In the most efficient, hands-free and cost-effective way there is.)


Are you a coach, consultant or professional service provider who’s always looking sideways and comparing herself to others? 

Scrolling your competitors’ socials for inspiration and feeling like they’re better than you? 

Scrambling to match their offers every time they launch something new?  

Then dealing with the time-sucking tech of creating a “carbon copy” offer? 

Doing this might impress some of your clients and followers BUT…

It’ll come at a higher cost to your business and hurt you in the long run (we’ll shortly tell you how). 

There’s a better way to keep your business relevant and in this blog, we’ll explain: 

  • Where to turn for inspiration that makes copying virtually impossible…

  • What you should do instead of looking at competitors or trying to emulate their path(Even in a cluttered market where it feels like there’s constant pressure to match every shiny new offer.)

  • And how to keep your offering and experience original, relevant, tech-savvy and on pointin the most efficient, hands-free, and cost-effective way through outsourcing. 

But firstly, we’re all too aware of the shake up that COVID-19 has caused to businesses the world over. 

And if you’re a coach, consultant or professional service provider, you’re probably doing everything in your capacity to pivot and adapt in this changing environment. 

So many businesses are feeling this shakeup, and our heart goes out to you. 

We’re here to support you under this shadow, and we’re convinced that everything is workoutable 🙂 

If you’re new to this blog, then this is where we post the latest business and outsourcing tips and tricks… all taken from the experience of our Founder Grace Lever.

Since quitting corporate and launching The Doers Way in 2014… Grace has broken $20 million in online course sales… courses have reached 50,000 students in 72 countries. 

The secret to that success? 


It’s what let her free up her time to do the money moving things she loves and is good at.  

Things like compressing years of experience into online courses that she can sell to many…

And creating value-packed systems that her market can apply over and over. 

The reason is, we live in a world where customers see approximately 5,000 marketing messages a day… and there’s a lot of boxes to tick just to stand out of that pond.   

  • Firstly, you have to meet your customers where they spend time… 
  • Capture their attention using the right strategy, value and tactics… 
  • Show them out of their most painful frustrations…
  • And create a valuable experience so they keep coming back. 

That’s a lot to consider, and in a cluttered market, it seems logical to monitor your competition, and regularly check in to see what they’re doing. 

Stalking your competitors for 1 or 2 hours a month? Sure. 

But constantly comparing yourself? No. 

Because if you always look sideways and emulate what your competitors do – aesthetic, offer and experience-wise… you’ll end up blending in and looking just like they do. 

If you blend in, your dream customers won’t be able to find you…

And if they do, there’s a higher chance they’ll price shop you. 

Here are our TOP 3 tips on how to STOP copying and start OUTSOURCING. 

1. Instead of looking to your competitors for inspiration when it comes to aesthetic… look at spaces where your market spends time (you can even outsource this). 

If you know they love spending time in high-end fashion boutiques for example… then take that aesthetic and weave it into your look and feel – i.e. make your website and social media look like a high-end fashion boutique! 

This will mean your customers will feel at home when they visit your touch points, and you won’t be copying anyone. 

Tip: Instead of looking to competitor’s websites for inspiration, look at home and lifestyle magazines and select the elements you love to create a look and feel that’s wholly yours. If you have a VA, you can even ask them to set up and create you a Pinterest board as a starting point. 

2. Instead of looking at what competitors are offering and constantly scrambling to incorporate those same offers and services… look at what your market really needs and wants. 

Reach out to your followers and subscribers and ask them if they’d be interested in x, y, or z

A few ways you can do this are: 

  • Question stickers and polls on Instagram Stories…
  • Surveys…
  • Emailing them…
  • Asking them off the back of consults. 

Because… just because your competitor is doing it, doesn’t mean that your customers need or want it. 

If you’re really wanting to expand your services, check it’s aligned to your mission and objectives as a litmus test. 

Your mission statement is why you exist. 

And your objectives are what you specifically want to achieve as part of that mission.  

3. Instead of looking at the experience your competitors offer, and constantly getting stuck in tweaking your website and building new funnels to emulate that… hire your own virtual assistant – or “Doer” – who’s trained up in the latest digital processes that convert, and who can take care of all the technology for you. 

The thing is that, in similar industries, everyone tries to copy each other and it only results in two things. 

Firstly, it takes you away from the tasks you should be doing. 

When you try to emulate your competitor, you have to build or update entire websites, funnels and email nurtures to create a similar experience. 

You have to create new landing pages, videos, graphics and images… all of which is time-consuming. 

In other words, doing what someone else does takes work, and involves getting stuck in time-consuming tech.

This will pull you away from the money-moving tasks you should be doing like compressing years of experience into online courses that you can repeatedly sell…

And creating value-packed systems that your market actually needs and can apply over and over. 

Instead of copying, spend time mapping out an experience that fits your market and offering, and hire your own Doer to build it for you… so you can focus on the tasks that will make you money. 

Secondly, copying doesn’t really work because you will never exactly replicate what your competitors are doing… and will end up looking like a half-baked version of them. 

This will hurt your reputation and credibility.

That’s why it’s always better to look ahead and stay original and hiring an Outsourced Doers is the most efficient, hands-free and cost-effective way to do that!

Not only will you be taking time-consuming tech off your plate… but your Doer will be trained in the latest campaigns and funnel building so you can simply focus on what your market needs, and they will execute a preeminent experience. 

We’ve created a list of 17 tasks that you can outsource (including all the tech tasks we’ve mentioned) to save $403,000 per month. 

To get started – just book a call with one of our outsourcing specialists today!

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