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Outsourced Doers is an offshore outsourcing company
that connects talented, hard-working, pre-trained
Virtual Marketing Assistants with time poor business
owners around the globe.

Outsourced Doers is an offshore outsourcing company that connects talented, hard-working, pre-trained Virtual Marketing Assistants with time poor business owners around the globe.

The Humble Beginnings

It all started with a dream in 2015. Our founder, Grace Lever, was an aspiring coach passionate about empowering entrepreneurs. Despite her enthusiasm, she quickly encountered the hurdles that stop many in their tracks: limited funds, a competitive market, and a lack of time to handle all the tech and marketing tasks required to build a successful online brand. She was at a crossroads — to wear all the hats herself or to find a helping hand.

The Turning Point

Choosing the latter, Grace took a leap of faith and hired her first virtual assistant (VA). She soon discovered that she could delegate 40 hours of work each week to her new team member, allowing her to focus on her genius zone — helping her clients achieve results. This revelation was transformative; it opened doors for Grace to hire a second VA, and thus began a journey towards scaling her business to new heights.

The Hard Lessons

Of course, the road wasn’t always smooth. In 2018, Grace faced a life-threatening condition that sidelined her for six months. But thanks to the solid team of VAs she had built, her business not only survived but continued to thrive. It was a wake-up call and a testament to the resilience built through smart delegation and teamwork.

The Success Story

By meticulously documenting and improving her process of vetting, hiring, and training VAs, Grace scaled her business to the multi-million-dollar mark. By 2019, just four years into her journey, she had built an 8-figure business. But she wasn’t content to keep this success to herself.

The Birth of
Outsourced Doers

Realizing the profound impact that a well-trained VA team had on her life and business, Grace founded Outsourced Doers in 2019. The aim was simple: to offer the same freedom and scaling power to other entrepreneurs. Since then, we’ve assisted over 4,000 entrepreneurs globally, allowing them to focus on their core strengths while our trained virtual marketing assistants handle the rest.

Why We Exist

Our clients often grapple with the same challenges
Grace once did:
not enough time and an aversion to the
nitty-gritty tech work that running an online business
entails. We understand that grand business ideas are
worthless if they remain just that—ideas. That’s why
at Outsourced Doers, we don’t just match you with a
VA; we provide a fully trained, certified professional
who understands the tasks needed to build a 7-figure
business and beyond. We’ve been there, done that—
twice—so we know exactly what you need.

Our Commitment

As we continue to expand, our mission remains
to match founders with their dream ‘Doers,’
enabling businesses to grow without the growing pains,
without the trial and error. Come join us on this exciting
journey, where your dreams aren’t just validated but

So, are you ready to take back your time and scale your business? Join the Outsourced Doers family today.

Our Core Values:

The Guiding
Principles of
Outsourced Doers

At Outsourced Doers, our culture is defined by a set of
core values that guide us in everything we do. These
principles are not just words; they are the essence
of who we are and what we strive to be, both as
individuals and as a collective team. These values
shape our decisions, drive our actions, and influence
our relationships with our clients, employees, and

Here’s a deeper look into
what makes us tick:

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Core Value One

Excellence is our Normal

At the heart of Outsourced Doers is an unyielding commitment to excellence. We refuse to settle for mediocrity and always push the boundaries of what is possible. In all our endeavors—be it a simple task or a complex project—we aim for the highest quality outcome. Our entrepreneurial spirit ensures that we bring the best of our expertise to every challenge, continually proving that excellence is not just an aspiration but our everyday normal.
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Core Value Two

Always Looking For
a Better Way

We’re not the types to rest on our laurels. The status quo is simply a benchmark we aim to exceed. With a determined and strategic mindset, we seek innovative solutions that will make a real difference. Our team is empowered to take the initiative, question the conventional, and work collaboratively to find better ways of doing things. When you work with us, expect a partnership that’s committed to improvement at every turn.
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Core Value Three

Obsessed With Our Customer’s Success

Our customers are not just clients; they are our most important stakeholders. Their success is a direct reflection of our own, which is why customercentricity is deeply embedded in our decision-making process. We strive to exceed expectations, proactively anticipate needs, and go above and beyond to transform our customer’s potential into reality. For us, satisfaction is not the end goal; it’s the starting point for a relationship built on trust and proven results.
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Core Value Four

We are Stronger
as a Team

Every member of Outsourced Doers plays a vital role in our collective mission. We celebrate our victories together and rally as one to learn from our setbacks. Our culture thrives on giving and receiving constructive feedback in a respectful manner, ensuring that no one person overshadows the team. We hold ourselves accountable, take ownership of our actions, and are driven by the collective success of those around us. It’s this unity that strengthens our goals and solidifies our reputation as a team-centric organization.

Doers Dream

Here at Outsourced Doers, we’re not just committed to excellence in virtual marketing services; we’re also invested in the well-being and dreams of the people who make it all possible—our dedicated team. We understand that the magic happens when people feel supported not just in their work, but in their life aspirations. That’s why we created the Doers Dream Program.

Every month, our employees are invited to submit their most cherished dreams to the Doers Dream Program. Whether it’s schooling for a family member, taking that dream vacation, supporting the care of a family member, or even launching a small business, we’re here to help turn those dreams into realities.

We believe that a company is only as strong as its weakest link, and by investing in the dreams of our team members, we’re building a more resilient, motivated, and engaged workforce. The Doers Dream Program embodies Outsourced Doers’ core value of being stronger as a team.

The Doers Dream Program aims to create a ripple effect of positivity and achievement. We are here to support our employees not just in the work they do for Outsourced Doers but also in the aspirations they hold for their own lives. By helping deserving employees turn their dreams into reality, we are living our corporate values each and every day.