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The Outsourced Doers has changed my business and life! Everything I need to know about how to get my online business out there is available and with clear step by step directions. Then I give these steps to my amazing Doer with the personalised details they need and we get moving on growing this business and changing peoples lives together.
Having Jovelyn makes me feel like I am truly supported by life. When I ask her to do something, she will make it happen. When I have feedback, she really receives it and we create powerful work. She is very focused and has a great attitude. Recently, I had very busy weeks and I knew I could relax and trust that she was taking care of things.I feel her enthusiasm for my business and I am very grateful for her. We just achieved a big milestone of fully booking my retreat space for next month! Thank you so much Outsourced Doers!!
Johanna is honestly a super human. I give her tasks and she gets them done faster than I can fathom. Whenever I send her something, I don't have to worry about following up, and if I'm not sending her something to do actively, she's finding new marketing initiatives for me to try out and expanding on parts of my business that she knows I value. Thanks to Johanna I don't have to touch or worry about areas of my business like customer support and new content uploading to my platforms. Instead, I'm able to be CEO of my business and spend my time being a visionary and a creative. I can't thank Johanna enough for being an integral part of my team!
Just have to share... I love my Doer!! Best Decision ever!!
Our experience has been great. Our doer is constantly learning and growing and we are creating more and more systems together. While we were in the hospital giving birth to our first born he kept our social media and online presence goingand it was great knowing we had that support!
My Doer, Karl, has been a really great source of help to our start up organizations. He took time to understand our business and created a campaign that demonstrates our mission. The campaign is currently enjoying great success.
Excellent Service
I'm a single owner and consultant with weird/unique projects from custom reporting to managing unsubscribe lists, builing websites etc. I am able to create a repeatable process for my Doer, who is always eager to learn the intricacies and even follows up on a project we might've started but didn't finish due to my client changing or what have you. She's smart, hardworking and handles the minutia that allows me time to prospect and grow the business. Highly recommend.
MY DOER IS AWESOME!!!!!! She is really taking my YouTube channel to the next level times 10. She is always responsive. Always thinking of new ways to make my business marketing better and always so positive and nice. I am really blessed to be matched with my DOER Jessica. I don't have to worry about if she is doing work. She always communicating with me and sends me loom updates if we are not able to meet during the day. My YouTbe channel is going from bla to BLA-DA-BING!
At times entrepreneur's are on their game ... then success starts to happen and the vision gets legs ... Outsourced Doers carried me through when I started running so fast ... it's like skiing the black diamond run without it being groomed with no polls needed. Thanks for the support to my DOER Ian !! Can't wait to add another.
The service is more than recruitment for women entrepreneurs. It also entails benefits, training, co-supervision and coaching for team members. The Doers team has helped me develop most of the offerings we need to launch our green upskill business. It will help with the marketing phases as well.
Lisa & Julian
This is the first time I have ever hired a VA… and with the experience I have already experienced with Noleen… I could never go back. She is phenomenal in every way
I knew I needed help creating my new business. I had lots of ideas, but not the time to do it. So glad I joined Outsourced Doers! My doer is fantastic!!! She makes my life easier while advancing my business far beyond what I ever would’ve been able to do on my own. It’s like I have someone who’s got my back professionally. Can’t wait to see how far we can take my business.
This is my first experience in working with a VA, so I have really appreciated the fact that I've been so well guided through this trusted and experienced process. I have learned so much and have discovered significant gaps I was unaware of in my business. I shudder to think how confusing and messy this whole process would have been, had I tried to engage with a VA on my own. Your guides and support for both myself and my doer have been a game changer. The first huge and significant difference I've noticed in myself has been the sheer benefit of having someone else to be accountable to. I have actioned more things in these past two months than I ever would have if I were still going alone! I am excited for the progress I know we will make together in 2023!
My Doer has exceeded my expectations from Day 1. She is truly part of our team and I value her creative input and commitment to delivering quality work.
Outsourced Doers know what I need as a business owner and Founder better than I do and they provide in-depth training and resources for both me and my doer so we can maximise results in a shorter amount of time and reasonable cost. Highly recommend!
I have loved my experience with Outsourced Doers. Our doer Mark is incredible and continues to gain confidence in our systems. I am getting so much more work done because he handles almost all of my busy work and we are simply getting started. I am so grateful we took the leap and hired Outsourced Doers.
I'm writing to share how AMAZING my incredible Virtual Assistant is to my business, and quite frankly, my life! Shaina is a resourceful professional who is a productive and polished partner in my work life flow! I am beyond happy with how she follows up and handles every task with intention and sense of urgency. She has gained my trust and given me back so much time by managing my schedule and critical day-to-day tasks that interfere with my ability to grow and create. Even though she is located miles away, her influence and impact are felt among our entire team. I receive compliments about Shaina's representation of me from my colleagues and counterparts on a regular basies. I could write a book about Shaina's impace. Having her on my team as my virtual right hand has been transformative.
My doers is amazing and has given me the much needed time to focus on growing my business. He takes initiative, follows directions, and completes tasks in a timely manner which gives me peace of mind that my business is moving in the right direction.
My assistant has been wonderfully productive and patient. She is smart and willing to learn what has to be done and is quite efficient and timely. I am pleased to have her as part of our team.
I love my Doer, she's is always prompt and helpful and very easy to work with.
I can 100% say this saved my life this year. My mom fell ill and I needed help STAT. Introducing the Doer. My Doer was outstanding. Please note: Your Doer will give you everything you need if you invest in training them. My Doer came fully trained in my systems and was able to pick up my work quickly. Oh, and the onboarding process ans training opened my eyes for previous bad habits of mine when it came to managing.
Very helpful and accomodating
My doer Maria has been amazing to work with! She works very indepently, asks good questions and really understands my business and is able to take over a lot of the tasks that are not in my zone of genius so I can focus on income producing activities!
For me it’s great having someone to do all the technical things so that I can focus on the creative aspect of my business.
I absolutely am in love with my Doer she is super sweet and such a joy to work with. At first I was worried I did not have enough for her to do, but now we are in a flow state that allows for our growth. It keeps me accountable. I am excited to see how our dynamic continues and hope she enjoys it too!
I love working with my OD, Erl! He often has great suggestions and knows what I need before I do.
Helen has been the perfect person to complement me in my business. She takes the parts I find hardest and just gets them done. She is committed to the success of Wealthy Wise Woman, adjusts her schedule as necessary and is my accountability partner to keep me going when it gets hard. She has been and continues to be critical to the success of my business.
My experience with Outsourced Doers has been excellent. The Founder training prepared me well to work effectively with my remote team member and the training that OD provided to my team member helped us onboard and start seeing results quickly. My Doer is a game changer for my business and my work life balance. I'm sooo happy with my choice to work with OD.
I love my doer. She is smart, a fast learner, diligent and very organized. She takes a lot of burden off of me with repetitive tasks and is highly creative on top of it. I love being able to get an idea and brainstorm it with her and watch her take the lead with a bit of guidance. I should have done this much sooner.
"I don’t know how I ever did business without my doer. Oh yeah I was in overwhelm and never felt I could catch up or breathe. My doer is amazing and I feel so blessed to have a full time employee who knows my look and feel and keeps my biz machine running so that I can do the high level creative work I was meant to do."
"Outsourced doers was the answer to my prayers. I tried other agencies to find a VA but none were as professional. They support both the doer and the founder for success."
"I love my Doer Honey!! She is amazing, always gets her work done and finds solutions quickly when we have any problems. She was well trained, she is creative and by hiring my Doer I have been able to grow my business!"
"VA is responsive, on time, eager to help. OD seems to have good support for her behind the scenes."
"My business partner and I are still a bit overwhelmed with the plethora of info., suggestions, guidance and work you've put into helping us.
We're almost 5 months in and still have much to learn about becoming Founders, yet our Doer is training thoroughly and is edu continually too. We have gotten so much further than we ever would have if it weren't for Outsourced Doers program. THANK YOU"
"THANK YOU!!! WE ARE IN LOVE WITH OUR DOER AND CAN'T IMAGINE NOT HAVING HER!!! I WILL GO WITHOUT FOOD BEFORE I GIVE HER UP!! Thank you for working with us until we can monetize our first venture with her!! After that, these struggles will be a thing of the past!!!"
"My Doer has been an absolute gift and blessing. He was well trained in the tools I needed him to use. He shows initiative and his end products are high quality."
"I have had my Doer for 3-4 weeks now and it has been amazing! She has created my portal, all my downloadable templates, set up my Facebook page and uploaded all of my content onto the portal. She has fast-tracked my progress and dealt with all my tech which has been amazing! I highly recommend a doer if you want to make massive progress."
Irene is amazing and keeps me so organized. She thinks of things before I even realize I need it. She has become such a natrual extension of me in my company because she makes things so easy.
Hazel is always two steps ahead of us and always takes initiative to handle something before we even have a chance to ask her. She is a very effective communicator and has been exceptional in keeping an eye on when our clients respond and assigning tasks to our team, which is incredibly helpful for keeping or workflow moving in our business
My Doer is just amazing. She is smart, forward-thinking, supportive, pro-active and re-active. She is always willing to help. She goes above and beyondthe simple task I give her. She provides her input and suggestions if she foresees an issue that I did not. She's incredible with technology and design. She is an incredible asset to my team.
Kee Jay continues to be a HUGE asset to my business.I'm grateful for her work ethic and her integrity. Kee Jay is a huge reason my coaching business is headed toward where I've dreamed for years it could be.
Outsourced Doers has taken all the stress of outsourcingand training the right virtual assistant for your needs! The platform they have for onboarding and communicating is excellent. I am so happy with my Doer and look forward to working with her for a long time.
Jesse's been great - ready, willing and able to take on whatever I hand him. Also wiling to learn new software programs, protocols, etc. Don't know what I'd do without him!
Before my Doer started working with me, I felt overwhelmed with menial tasks that took me away from my kids and the important tasks that would help my business to grow. I now feel that I have time to focus on the most important things in my lifeand business and it’s taken a big load off of my shoulders.
I couldn't be more happy with my doer! Gladys has saved me countless hourscreating ny marketing materials. The Doer experience has been fantastic and I highly recommend this organization to any founder who is swamped building a business.
I can't live without my Doer! She definitely has helped me be able to focus on growing my business and not running my business.
Anna Tanud-Tanud has been a real asset to my company. We are very appreciative of her amazing work!
Dr. Nakeisha
Everything is so streamlined, and it’s been a great experience so far!
Seya has been wonderful, she's really making my days much easier than I expected! Even as a brand new business owner there is a ton of processes she helps put in place to set us up for success in the future. She's a quick learner and is very dedicated. I'm looking forward to continue working with her!
My Doer is fantastic. She goes beyond what I need and she does things in a quicker timeframe than I ever could. I give her a task and it is done within the day.
Our Doer Pauline continues to grow and exhibit leadership. She has taken on the revamping of our website! Her idea and I couldn't agree more. I LOVE witnessing her blossoming and becoming more confident in all areas of my business
Outsourced Doers is amazing and has brought me to a place in my business that I would not be without them! It was just what I needed to fill in the gaps of what I don't love doing (and have zero skills at!) but what still HAD to get done, all at 1/10th the price of local Virtual Assistants! The perfect solution: Outsourced Doers!
Helen has been working with me for two years and she's been like a partner in the business. I have recommended Doers to many people over the two years.
Joanalie is a fantastic asset to my business. I couldn’t imagine managing my business needs without her on board! She helps with account billing, print marketing and digital media management. She also assists to generate reports to help better understand my KPI performance. We meet on a daily basis and she is extremely versatile and flexible.
I loved my experience and my Doer Raz. She helped my business immensely and continually went above and beyond. I was relieved of so many daily tasks because of her expertise from building my website, managing daily tasks including social media and my online booking site, customer relations and productivity. I’m so grateful to have her on my team.
We are over the moon with this program and out virtual assistant! We are acheiving in a few short months, something I've tried on my oen for 3+years! We will never let her go! The training and oversight by Outsourced Doers is genius!
My Doer is amazing! She is saving me so much time each day. As things go, she is able to take on more and more and I'm starting to see some significant improvement in my business!
My doer has been crucial in making my tasks efficient and effective. I wouldn't be where I'm at without him and his hard work.
I am so grateful for the help and resources of Outsourced Doers. Not only do I have an amazing virtual assistant, we have an entire team with resources of a large company. Outsourced Doers trains the doers in the specific tools I use daily in my business and they offer ongoing support, resources & training for my doer so my doer is a valuable asset to the team.
My Doer has continued to keep the business of reaching parents in the forefront of her activities. She is great help!
Karina, my virtual assistant has made my business enjoyable again! She came highly trained by Outsourced Doers and their Doers University provides ongoing training in many popular digital marketing programs. For female founders struggling with the challenges of keeping up with digital marketing and managing their businesses, I could not recommend Outsourced Doers enough!
Our Doer is well prepared, takes initiative, and is very pleasant to work with. Our Doer is highly communicative and saves us loads of time.
Princess is an excellent addition to the team. She is timely, efficient, creative and always has a great attitude. I love her work ethic and honesty as well.
My Doer James has been amazing, he works really hard and has created some really great tools to help grow my business.
My doer is amazing. She makes my life so much easier and allows me to build my buisness. I could not do this without her!!
I can't express how much my Doer has done for me in the last 9 months. Truly incredible. He really enjoys his work (I've asked!) and is 100% willing and able to do everything I've asked. We often discuss new possibilities, and he jumps on the chance to start something up and give me something to look at for feedback. His energy is fantastic, and he's often waiting on ME for input rather than me waiting on him to get work done. Worth every single penny and MORE. Thank you!
My doer Anna is amazing. She is prompt to all our meetings! She is feeling the vision of my geriatric based learning business and can anticipate my needs! She has been a God send! Can't imagine not having her as I build my business!
Dr. Nakeisha
I did not have success with my first Doer, but OD was good about finding me a replacement and she is amazing! Everything I wanted when I signed up. I have told so many people about her already.
My experience with Outsourced Doers has been a dream come true. My Doer has been so extraordinary in everything he has accomplished, that it amazes me how fortunate I have been to have been partnered with him.
Being a totally non-techie person, it was difficult for me to forge forward with the type of business expansion that I wanted to develop.
Grace Lever and the Outsourced Doers Program showed up with this program at the right time for me. As far as I am concerned, it was a Godwink.
My Doer seems to know what I want without much explanation on my part which makes my life much easier. Plus, his kind and agreeable nature is a major asset.
I am blessed and ever grateful to be a Founder in the Outsourced Doers Program.
This has been a really good experience for me. I have not had anyone work with me before, and I have been able to learn about myself and where I get stuck doing the things you have been able to do for me for myself. You have helped me more than you know.
Outsourced Doers has been a tremendous help to me since I am NOT a tech person and never want to create funnels myself! LOL. My Doer is also a great graphic designer and can turn anything I give him into something beautiful and professional looking. I would not be where I am without my Doer and I am super happy I made the decision to become a Founder with a Doer!
Outsourced Doers is a fantastic investment for my business. I have two Doers in my business and as my business grows, I intend to add more. 10 out of 10, I highly recommend. I’ve never had a language barrier. The time difference has never been an issue. My Doers are part of my team. We celebrate birthdays and new babies. It’s an awesome and rewarding relationship.
Our doer has changed our life, and we are just getting started. What a great program. Thank you.
"The first week was amazing! I love our doer and look forward to her continued success. Thank you so much! This has been the best decision I've ever made to continue to grow our reach and fulfill on our mission."
"Our Doer - Dirk, is absolutely fantastic! We love him. He has helped take so much off our plate. He is kind, and fun to work with. He is also extremely proactive - if he doesn't know how to do something, he researches how to do it and teaches himself! Thank you Dirk for everything, we love working with you!"
"Hiring a doer was the best decision I made when I started my business. My doer is the magic ingredient in my success."
"I've had a Doer dince November. She's awesome. Responsive, good at lots of the skills needed to move my business forward"
"My Doer Alysson did a phenomenal job designing it and helping put my ideas and words into action. We just launched a new quiz using Marquiz that has led to 75 new opt ins in the last 24 hours! "