The 4 Pillars of a Profitable Lifestyle Business: Pillar 2

One Sales Strategy 

Sales can be overwhelming and intimidating! Whether you are a new or experienced entrepreneur, the sales process can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry – with the right strategy to guide you, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. In this article, we’ll cover simple yet effective sales techniques that any entrepreneur can use to close more deals quickly and easily. 

There are a number of different sales strategies when it comes to online business, so let’s walk through your options. I’m also going to help you by pointing you in the right direction of the easiest one if you’re just getting started.

Get ready for some serious success – let’s dive into what could be the most satisfying sale of your life!


Sales call

Now, firstly, the most traditional sales strategy is sales calls. Sales calls have become a crucial part of modern sales strategies, as they provide an efficient way to reach out to potential customers and offer them tailored solutions. A well-executed sales call can be instrumental in helping businesses build relationships with customers, provide comprehensive information about products or services, and close deals.

Typically, they’re positioned as a discovery call, an audit, a health check, a roadmap call, or something specific to your industry that shows that you’re giving real value to your prospect.

The prospect then books a time for the call on an online booking calendar at a time that suits your schedule and theirs. And then, there’s a specific flow to that call where you give some value or some advice, ask some really specific and important questions, and then if they’re the right fit for your program, you present the offer. Now, sales calls work for offers priced anywhere from $1,000 and upwards. 


The next sales strategy is a webinar. The goal of this webinar is to ultimately lead people to your online order form. Now, this is a more advanced approach and it requires people to register for free online training and a sales presentation that’s either live or automated. 

Webinars are a great way to reach potential customers. They give you the opportunity to present your product or service in an interactive and engaging way, establish trust with potential buyers, and show them why they should choose your offer over others. 

Another advantage of webinars is that they help build relationships with prospective customers. You can use this platform to demonstrate your expertise and share valuable tips, tricks, and advice that will help people make informed decisions when considering your offer. 

Plus, if you combine the webinar with a dynamic call-to-action that guides people directly to an online order form, you increase your chances of turning those leads into paying customers right away. Now, webinars work well for any offers priced between 1,000 and $2,000.

Live Event

Now, the next sales strategy is to present your offer via live event. Live events allow for a direct connection between you and your audience, which can be highly beneficial when it comes to deepening existing relationships with your current customers, as well as forming new ones with prospective customers. 

Essentially, a live event is where you fill a virtual event, like a workshop or a conference with lots of your ideal prospects, and then during the virtual event, you present your offer to them and give people the opportunity to buy. 

Now, while you need to have a really good sales presentation that is authentic and unique, and high-converting, it’s usually a hot audience and people already know, like, and trust you by the end of the event.

Video Sales Letter (VSL)

And finally, there’s a video sales letter. Now, video sales letters, or VSLs, are short videos usually between 5 and 30 minutes long where you record a sales presentation, a pitch, or a slide pack with you talking over the top of it. You follow a pretty strategic formula in terms of what you say and how you say it, and the delivery of your offer. Its goal is to encourage people to click on a link to go to an online order form and buy. Now, these are typically better suited to lower-priced products under $300 each.

What’s the best Sales Strategy for you?

Sales Calls are for you if…

You’re currently in the startup stage and you aren’t yet consistently earning $20,000 per month, the best strategy is a sales call. This is really personal, much more informal, and it doesn’t require you to be a super strategic or experienced salesperson. There’s still an important script that we recommend that you follow, but so long as you ask the five questions on that script and then present the offer the way that we teach, you can convert one in every three or four people that you talk to, which is super exciting! Plus, with that strategy, you can really sell an offer at any price point. So it’s super flexible.

Webinar, Event or a VSL is for you if…

You’re someone who’s currently generating more than $20,000 a month in revenue, then that’s a sign that you’re a more experienced salesperson and you’ve proven that you know how to sell to your market. And if that’s the case, I recommend the webinar, event, or VSL strategy

Basically, webinars are suitable if you like to embrace tech, as they’re quite techy. 

Events are ideal if you’re able to fill rooms with your existing list and your community, so that you’ve got a hot affordable audience to hear your sales strategy. 

And the VSL is great if you’ve got a lower-priced product and a warm list that you can share that video with.

In conclusion, choosing the right sales strategy for your business should be based on a variety of factors. Webinars are great if you have the technical capabilities and want to create a comprehensive digital educational experience. Events are an ideal choice if you can draw from an existing audience and have something to present that is worth the price of admission. And VSLs are great for warm lists that you can reach out to. 

Ultimately, it is important to trust your gut when making these decisions, as there are tons of resources available to help you craft a successful sales strategy with specific scripts, tactics, and more.

So what’s it going to be? Which of these sales strategies will you commit to for your four pillars? Remember, you can end up doing all of these sales strategies in your business in time, you just can’t do them all at once. So just choose one  and then it’s going to be time for Part 4!

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