Doer Reviews

I love working here because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to our mission. OD really cares about my professional growth and I like the challenges and opportunities that my boss gives me. Outsourced Doers makes everyone feel as though they are part of a greater whole. It has a clear motivational effect on everyone within the organization.”
The three biggest benefits of being part of the Outsourced Doers team are the consistent-learning, competitive company and the camaraderie! At Outsourced Doers we thrive to learn every single time and be a team-player.”
Everyday I wake up excited, as I am very curious of what activity is next in store for us, it never gets boring. Overall I'm very thankful for the experience, it has been very knowledgeable and very encouraging. My trainer and colleagues are the best.”
Outsourced Doers encourage me to do more and be better. I am lucky and blessed to be matched with warm-hearted Founders who share the same vision as mine. I have watched myself grow each day with a joyful heart. I care about my Founders business not just because it's my job but I know it makes a difference in the lives of many people aiming towards holistic wellness.”
The positivity and drive of each individual to better the company allows us to get great results and put a mark in the digital world. It’s a unique learning experience - you can grow, learn and discover new things together”
One of the benefits is the free digital marketing training. I haven't heard of any company giving it for free. When I met my founder and started working for him, I knew in myself, this was the best decision I ever made. I love the fact that I got the chance to be the person who can help Kevin, my Founder, with his business. It's fun, it's challenging and fulfilling at the same time.
Outsourced Doers have inspired me since day one to step-up and be better each day... I can see myself working and growing here for a decade! Outsourced Doers have helped me develop by continuously giving training needed for career and personal growth. What I love most about Outsourced Doers is the management in Australia and the Philippines are all amazing and down-to-earth. Outsourced Doers is a team of people who are hungry, humble, and smart!”
“I am compensated very well, I get to enjoy all of our local holidays, and the opportunity for growth here as a professional is just so crazy. What entices people to join us is our training. OD is the only company who gives priority to employee training. When we get hired, we’ll undergo a very comprehensive training that boosts our skills and confidence to do the job and once endorsed, OD provides regular refresher trainings for their employees. That just means that learning here in OD never stops and we just keeps getting better each day.”
“It's the company culture which makes Outsourced Doers and my work more interesting. As the company grows, OD also provides and motivates its Doers with opportunities for personal and professional growth.
“There's always something to appreciate from the harmonious cooperation with my Fellow Doers, the friendly communication with the OD Staff, to the pleasant interaction with HQ, with OD, good things never stop coming and there's always something exciting to look forward to.
I love the learning process and having the chance to work with talented and resourceful colleagues that find ways to tackle every obstacle they encounter.”
“Outsourced Doers has an inclusive, positive and friendly work culture with diversely awesome people to work with. The job is fulfilling, rewarding, challenging and fun! Working with Outsourced Doers is very nurturing, rewarding and satisfying! The company supports our growth and development and those who exceed expectations are recognised.”