The Evolution of a Successful Coach or Consultant: My Personal Blueprint

Welcome to a transformative journey through the stages of becoming a successful coach or consultant. In this blog, I’m going to share with you the evolution I’ve experienced and observed in this dynamic field. 

It’s a path that begins with personalized, one-on-one services and evolves into scalable, group-based models. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, understanding and navigating these stages is key to your growth and success. 

Join me as I break down each stage, sharing insights from my own experiences and offering guidance on how to progress effectively.

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Stage 1: The Done-For-You One-on-One Phase

‘Done-For-You’ refers to a service where the provider takes full responsibility for the execution of a task or project on behalf of the client. In this model, clients are not involved in the nitty-gritty of the process; instead, they entrust the entire operation to the expert. 

This approach is highly valued by clients who prefer a hands-off experience and rely on the expertise of the service provider to deliver the desired outcome.

In this initial stage, many coaches and consultants start by offering these personalized, done-for-you services. By incorporating done-for-you elements, you deliver direct and tangible results to your clients, which greatly enhances the perceived value of your services.

My Experience with Done-For-You Services

When I launched my automation agency, I focused on providing comprehensive, hands-on automation implementation for my clients. This approach was more than just fulfilling a service; it allowed me to deeply understand my client’s needs and refine my skills. 

The balance here is crucial – while providing a direct service, I also integrated elements of education and coaching to enhance the overall client experience.

Pros and Cons


  • High potential for growth.
  • Ease of selling and launching services.
  • A stable and reliable business model.
  • Opportunity to command premium pricing.


  • Limited scalability.
  • Direct correlation between time and money.
  • Income halts during breaks or downtime.

Priorities in This Stage

  • Focus on acquiring your initial clients through free traffic strategies.
  • Gather testimonials and case studies to build credibility.
  • Start getting comfortable with various online systems and tools to streamline your operations.

This stage lays the foundation for your journey as a coach or consultant, setting you up for future growth and evolution in your business.

Stage 2: The Done-With-You One-on-One Phase

‘Done-With-You’ services represent a collaborative approach between the service provider and the client. In this model, the client is more involved in the process, working alongside the expert. 

The provider guides, coaches, and supports the client, but the client also plays an active role in executing tasks. This model is particularly effective for those who wish to learn and be part of the process, gaining insights and skills along the way.

In the done-with-you phase, the focus shifts towards scaling your business. This involves modifying your offerings to reduce the time-intensive elements, allowing you to serve more clients effectively.

Transitioning to Done-With-You

In my journey, transitioning to this phase meant shifting from doing everything for my clients to guiding them in marketing automation. 

Instead of building systems for them, I coached them on how to do it themselves. This approach was less time-consuming for me but still provided high value to my clients, as they received personalized guidance and support.

Pros and Cons


  • More appealing to sell than group coaching due to personalised attention.
  • Ability to maintain high-ticket pricing.
  • Increased capacity to serve a larger number of clients.


  • Continues to be a time-for-money business model.
  • Scalability is improved but still has limitations.

Priorities in This Stage

  • Develop your first online program to complement your one-on-one services.
  • Begin experimenting with paid traffic strategies to attract a wider audience.
  • Pay close attention to what methods yield the best results for your clients, and refine your approach accordingly.

The done-with-you phase is a crucial step in the evolution of your coaching or consulting business. It allows you to expand your reach while still providing significant value through personalized guidance and expertise.

If you’re transitioning between stages and need advice, our team is here to assist. Let’s discuss how we can support your growth.

Stage 3: The Do-It-Yourself Model

The ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) model represents a significant shift in the service delivery approach. In this stage, clients are provided with the tools, resources, and guidance to complete tasks or learn new skills independently. 

This model is typically characterized by group programs, online courses, or digital resources that clients can use at their own pace, without direct, ongoing input from you. 

The DIY model is the epitome of scalability in coaching or consulting. It allows you to reach and serve a broader audience by offering standardized yet valuable resources that clients can utilize on their own.

My Transition to the DIY Model

My journey to the DIY model involved stepping back from direct client interactions to focus on creating comprehensive programs and processes. 

This stage was about leveraging my experience and expertise to develop resources that could serve many clients simultaneously, without the need for one-on-one engagement.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly scalable, allowing for significant business growth.
  • Capability to serve an unlimited number of clients.
  • Potential for continuous income generation, even outside of regular business hours.


  • Typically not a model for recurring revenue.
  • Relies on clients’ motivation and ability to execute independently.

Priorities in This Stage

  • Intensify your paid traffic strategies to attract a wider audience to your programs.
  • Focus on client retention and engagement to ensure continued success and satisfaction.
  • Expand your team to support the growing needs of your business and client base.

The DIY model is a game-changer in the evolution of a coaching or consulting business. It opens up new possibilities for reaching more clients and generating income, all while providing valuable, self-guided learning experiences. 

This stage is about empowering your clients to take charge of their journey with the tools and knowledge you provide.


Every coach or consultant’s journey is unique, but following these stages can provide a roadmap to success. 

Remember, it’s not about rushing through each stage; it’s about mastering each one before moving to the next. 

This evolution allows you to build a solid foundation, establish yourself as a thought leader, and ultimately open up a world of possibilities.

Your Next Steps

Identify where you currently are in this evolution. Are you providing one-on-one services, or are you ready to scale up? Once you know your stage, you can start crafting your irresistible offer. 

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

So, take that step today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Not sure where to go next on your coaching journey? Book a call with our experts for personalized advice and support tailored to your unique journey.

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