About Us

Outsourced Doers is an offshore recruitment agency that connects talented, hard-working Virtual Assistants with Founders around
the globe.
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We are the only outsourcing company in the world to pre-train our Virtual Assistants in the top 150+ tasks entrepreneurs need to outsource…

plus, the tools and systems you actually use in your business on a daily basis! We work exclusively with entrepreneurs and provide support for the unique challenges and roadblocks in their businesses.

We can help you build a loyal, hard-working team, and scale your business beyond yourself! Free up your time to focus on what you do best, while your Doer does the rest.

What We Do

Outsourced Doers is the only outsourcing company that specialises in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses and grow their teams.

We bridge the gap between time-strapped Founders and talented Virtual Assistants… From recruiting, shortlisting and interviewing talent, to setting clear work expectations and managing the legals, payroll, and HR… we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your business.

We’re different from other outsourcing providers because we are the ONLY company in the world that pre-trains your Virtual Assistant before they connect with you. We take them through a 30-day intensive program, teaching your team member the top client-attracting, and growth-nurturing tasks your business needs.

Meet The Team

Our Values

Core Value 1

Excellence is our Normal

Core Value 2

We Always Find a Better Way

Core Value 3

Obsessed With Our Customer’s Success

Core Value 4

We Are Stronger as a Team