The Power of Accountability in Business Leadership

Firstly, a massive congratulations to each one of you. If you’re here, it means you’re on the path to understanding the essence of business leadership and the role of accountability in it. 

I’m thrilled to walk you through this journey, one that I’ve personally traversed.

For those of you who might be new here, I’m Grace Lever, co-founder of Outsourced Doers and founder of The Doer’s Way. From a tiny home office to generating close to 60 million US in revenue, I’ve seen the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. 

Whether you’re in the startup, growth, or scaling stage, I’ve been there, and I can relate to the rollercoaster that is business.

In this blog, I want to delve deep into the different stages of business and the importance of being an accountable leader.

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The Accountable Leader Mentality

There was a time when I viewed employees as a necessary evil. I believed they were just there for their paycheck, oblivious to the stress and responsibility I bore. But over time, I realized that this mindset was detrimental. It affected how I communicated, managed, and responded to my team.

The truth? It’s not about them; it’s about us, the leaders. If a team member, despite being hardworking and intelligent, makes a mistake, it’s on us. 

Either we haven’t provided the right training, support, or communication, or we’ve placed the wrong person in the wrong role. Both scenarios fall on our shoulders.

Embracing the 'It's Not You, It's Me' Approach

When problems arise, it’s easy to play the blame game. But as leaders, we need to adopt the “It’s not you, it’s me” approach. This mindset shift is monumental. It fosters loyalty, trust, and a sense of responsibility. 

When a team member errs, instead of pointing fingers, we should introspect and ask ourselves, “What could I have done better?”

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Problems Are Indicators of Growth

As entrepreneurs, our unofficial job title should be “Problem Solver.” If you’re constantly facing challenges, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. On the contrary, it’s a sign that you’re growing, evolving, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember, every problem has a solution, and with the right mindset, everything is workable.

The Ultimate Goal: Profit and Lifestyle

Outsourcing might seem daunting, especially if you’ve had negative experiences in the past. But it’s essential to remember the bigger picture. It’s not about outsourcing per se, but about what outsourcing can bring to the table: a business that offers both profit and lifestyle. It’s about achieving freedom, spending quality time with loved ones, and building a future that’s financially secure.


Being an accountable leader is about recognizing our role in the successes and failures of our business. It’s about taking responsibility, learning from our mistakes, and continuously striving for growth. 

Remember, everything is workable. All you need is the right mindset and the determination.

Ready to embrace the power of accountability and elevate your business? Let’s collaborate and make it happen.

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