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Who Are We?

Outsourced Doers is an offshore recruitment agency that connects talented,
hard-working Virtual Assistants with female Founders around the world.

We are the only outsourcing company in the world to pre-train our Virtual Assistants in the top 150+ tasks entrepreneurs need to outsource… plus, the tools and systems you actually use in your business on a daily basis! We work exclusively with female entrepreneurs, providing support for their unique challenges and roadblocks in business. We can help our clients build a loyal, hard-working team, and scale their business beyond themselves!

What we stand by:

Outsourced Doers is built around four core values.
They are the foundations of our culture.

Excellence Is Our Normal

We Are Courageous

We Bring Light And Hope

We Are Stronger As A Team


We Exist:

“To empower and equip 10,000 female entrepreneurs to stop dreaming, start doing and build a profitable lifestyle business.”

Benefits and Perks!

You’ll get to work with an intelligent, hard-working, young and vibrant team; plus, our community are super passionate, invested and 100% behind the brand you will be representing. We have a great culture and loyal following.

You will also get:

Current Opportunities:

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“Outsourced Doers is such a positive working environment; everyone’s so supportive and is constantly working towards a shared vision. It’s been an amazing experience to watch the company evolve and I’ve loved being part of something that changes people’s lives.”

Celine Callander

Communications Coordinator

“I feel so lucky to be in a job that works to empower women to achieve business success by supporting them every day! Connecting our amazing members with the resources they need to kick goals in their business is one of the most rewarding and positive ways to spend each day.”

Briony Askew

Founder Success Manager

“The opportunity to work for an organisation whose focus is empowering female entrepreneurs in a positive and encouraging way is an opportunity that does not come along every day! Each day I come to work and meet amazing women, am surrounded by a dynamic, experienced and motivated team and have received the best opportunities and training to be successful in my role. It’s the unicorn I have been waiting for”

Samara Rainsford

Founder Success Manager

“It brings me so much joy to work for a company that not only empowers female founders, but the doers too! The learning opportunities for both are life changing, and the opportunities for success are only limited by one’s imagination. Purpose, ethics, and integrity aligned across the whole company. Feeling very blessed.”

Jadwiga Savas

Founder Success Manager

“What I love most about working for Outsourced Doers, is seeing a founder succeed with ther Doer. Seeing them successfully outsourcing part of their role and being able to focus on the most important parts of their business and the parts the should be focusing on as a founder, that’s really rewarding to watch from our perspective.”

Tanaya Gray

Head of Founder Experience