I Hated My Business Until I Started Outsourcing

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Hey Darl, Grace here… showing up today as your resident Outsourcing Expert 🙂  

If your business is stealing all of your time without getting you clients or results…

Then I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It’s so easy to get buried in all the responsibilities of running a business…

And while those responsibilities are essential… oftentimes they don’t actually make you money. 

Literally thousands of women I’ve spoken to have been caught in this bind that’s put them at the cusp of quitting… and most of the time there’s a common pattern: 

They started a business to do something they love and are gifted at… but several months or years down the track, they’re out of their depth doing things they never signed up for… like tech, coding and building websites.

But I want you to know that you actually can have a business that doesn’t drain you or steal all of your time, and where you can focus on the things you love and that make you money. 

The thing that allowed me to do that is outsourcing. 

It’s the secret sauce that frees up my time to do the money-moving things I love… 

Things like compressing years of experience into online courses that I can sell to many…

And creating value-packed systems that my market can easily apply over and over. 

Today I’ve developed 21 online courses that have broken $20 million in sales combined. 

It’s how I moved away from serving a small number of clients 1-to-1… 

And into creating a hands-free, scalable business that’s reached 50,000 clients in 72 countries. 

My business continues to run even while I rest, spend time with my family or take a much-needed break…

And the way I did it was outsourcing. 

Outsourcing Turned My Focus To The Tasks That Made Me Money 

The truth is, I hated my business before I started outsourcing. 

And I couldn’t have achieved what I did if I kept getting stuck in every time consuming business task. 

Tasks like setting up systems and tech, coding, scheduling, admin… all those essential things I hated doing, and that don’t directly make me income. 

Through cheap outsourcing, I managed to get my to-do list down to zero so to speak… so that I can focus on only the tasks I love, and that make me money. 

Let me paint a picture of what that looks like: 

  • I write the lead magnets to attract subscribers… while my VA turns them into high-converting designs…
  • I create courses… while my VA creates the portals in LearnDash to house them, and takes care of all the tech to get them live… 
  • I map out the high-converting funnels to fill my courses… while my VA gets them built in ClickFunnels, and connects them up to my payment system…
  • And I write the emails to onboard new clients… while my VA creates the email sequence in Infusionsoft that automatically unlocks their course. 

By doing this, and by outsourcing a whole lot of other tasks like admin, social media scheduling and website maintenance…

I took my business from 6-credit cards deep in debt, and working 10 – 14 hour days, doing things I really loathed and hating my business…

(And where I eventually developed a chronic illness from burnout…)

To running an 8-figure business where today I work less than one day a week

And I went from exhaustion and overwhelm… to a streamlined business where I have time, space and freedom, and where I can make sales 24/7. 

Outsourcing Was A Slow And Steady Burn At The Start 

I started outsourcing in 2014, and you can catch a closer glimpse of that journey here. 


I wasn’t exactly an outsourcing aficionado when I found my first VA in the Philippines… let’s just say those early days of getting help weren’t exactly candy and rainbows. 

The results I got from outsourcing didn’t happen overnight… It was more of a slow and steady burn full of mistakes and learnings. 

  • Firstly I had to figure out what I actually needed to do in my business… like unpack my Genius Zone and organise it into different courses that my market actually craved…
  • I had to figure out how to start attracting leads in a cluttered market, and how to make my lead magnets convert…
  • Next I had to find the right platforms, and figure out how to build email sequences and funnels to nurture my leads and turn them into clients…
  • Then once all that was done, I had to figure out how to find a VA, train them up in everything I learnt and start outsourcing tasks to them.

That’s a lot of work, and since I’m all about creating systems to save time and money… 

I took everything I learned and developed a system for outsourcing that’s quick, simple and cost-effective. 

Then, I made that system available to time-strapped female entrepreneurs, just like you, so they could outsource the tasks that got me the greatest results minus the steep learning curve 🙂  

I wanted to give women a way to outsource where the foundations was already in place…

And where all the logistics of finding a VA, training them up and figuring out what to do next was taken care of.

Because I know from experience: doing those things are time-consuming, expensive, frustrating and just plain hard. 

Who really wants to figure out where to outsource… then find a reputable company and hope the VA they assign is competent and capable? 

Who wants to train them and figure out what to assign them next? 

Darl, I’ve developed a way to outsource that skips all of these steps. 

In fact, all of our VAs are trained up in 150 business-essential tasks needed to get more clients and more growth, to get you straight to results faster. 

The reason I did all this was because I hated my business until I started outsourcing…

And I see myself in so many female entrepreneurs I speak to today. 

I see them burnt out and broken… just like I was not too long ago, and frankly it breaks my heart. 

Because it leads to quitting and wasted talent, and lovely, you were born with a special gift to create change, and the world needs YOU. 

You see, a lot of women start a business to do what they love and are good at, like I did. 

I love marketing and automation, and launched a business to capitalise on that. 

But shortly into running it… they get bogged down doing all the tasks they are bad at and hate, just like I did… and sadly they don’t know where to turn to next. 

Lovely lady, this is what I set out to fix. 

And to give you a glimpse into outsourcing, I’ve created a FREE list for you. 

100 Tasks To Start Outsourcing ASAP 

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